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libDM_SRX_INS_10_DOF is a C++ library that allows the fusion of data from multiple sensors to provide a robust and accurate estimation of the orientation of a device. Vertical informations (altitude, vertical speed) are also provided.

The main points summarized here are developped in details in this documentation repository.

Sensors supported

libDM_SRX_INS_10_DOF is a library that allows the fusion of data sensors up to 10 degrees of freedom (DOF):

  • 3-axis gyroscope (mandatory)

  • 3-axis accelerometer

  • 3-axis magnetometer

  • 1-axis barometer

The tested sensors with this library are the one from SYSROX boards SRX-INS00-DEV, SRX-INS01-CAS:

Key features

Proprietary algorithm featuring robust EKF allows 360° orientation tracking with high accuracy and low latency. Adaptative algorithms ensure correct disturbances rejection even in complex environment. Real-time gyro bias tracking and compensation

Separated estimations

The library allows separation of local/global estimations to provide many advantages:

  • Local orientation is available at all times, and not affected by magnetometer disturbances (configurable)

  • Local orientation is usable with low cost sensors without the need of calibration

Customizable algorithm

Access to specific tunable parameters allows the user to adapt the algorithm to match its application perfectly.

Compiled versions of the algorithm are available for the following platforms:

  • Linux

  • Windows

  • MacOs apple silicon

  • Esp32s3

  • Teensy4.X

This allow the user to use the algorithm on a wide range of platforms, and to tune it on a computer before deploying it on a microcontroller.

The library is written in C++ and is compatible with C++11 and above. A single header + .a static library allows easy integration in any project.

Officially supported IMU devices

The tuning of the software has been optimized for the use with SYSROX sensors:





_images/SRX_INS_00_DEV.png _images/SRX_INS_01_CAS.png




Current functionalities are beeing currently developped for the library:

  • GPS aided navigation

  • Magnetometer online disturbances compensation

  • Use of World magnetic model for magnetometer handling