SRX boards


SYSROX boards are specifically designed to work with the INS fusion library, the algorithm are designed to work great on these specific boards. They do not include microcontroller and have to be supported by a compatible one supported by the INS fusion prebuilt library:

  • ESP32-s3

  • Teensy 4.X

A complete application example is available for esp32-s3 boards, which allows out of the box use of the board on this platform. An example for Teensy 4.X will also be proposed soon.


Two designs are currently proposed:

  • SRX-INS00-DEV which is a development board with a form factor allowing easy use on breadboard

  • SRX-INS01-CAS which uses the same sensors but with smaller form factor and castellated design, allowing easy integration in a custom design. The spacing between pads allow easy hand soldering.

Both boards schematics and PCB footprints are available as library for EasyEda tool:


Barometer is highly sensible to dynamic pressures deltas and the measures it returns can be disturbed by air displacement around the part. Covers are proposed for both parts to reduce this effect.

Covers can be also useful to protect exposed parts in case of use in harsh environment.



_images/Cover_INS_00_DEV.png _images/Cover_INS_01_CAS.png

How to wire


The boards are both 3V3 boards (IO and power) and are not 5V tolerant. They can be damaged if plugged on a 5V system.

SRX-INS00-DEV and SRX-INS01-CAS boards both uses unique SPI bus for all sensors. All sensors are adressable with a dedicated CS pin (one per sensor). The CS pin is used to select the sensor to communicate with with setting this pin to logical low level.


The sensors can be connected using I2C bus which is not covered here. The provided parsing libraries do not support I2C communication.

Electrical plugging

Sensors INT pads are available but their connexion is not mandatory for the boards to work. Proposed sensors parsing libraries does not use these features but the user can implement them if needed. Access to TCXO clock output is also available on the CAS board.

See also

In the complete provided esp32-s3 example (app ESP32), the board is wired with the following pins:

  • icm_cs = 10

  • mag_cs = 11

  • baro_cs = 9

  • mosi = 12

  • miso = 13

  • clk = 14


Wiring SRX-INS00-DEV


The 3V3 pads are linked by the board, as well as ground, so only one of them can be be connected. If possible, using multiple connexions with GND and 3V3 is recommanded.

Wiring SRX-INS01-CAS

Adapter board is available to allow easy prototyping with SRX-INS01-CAS board:

Adapter SRX-INS01-CAS


Performances of the boards using the INS fusion library are available here:



Pdf link Brochure

Pdf link Brochure